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Warranty terms

  1. These warranty terms apply only to the manufacturing faults and defects of materials of tires sold by Tireman OÜ.
  2. Warranty applies only to tires for which it can be proved that the fault had been caused during the manufacturing process. Warranty does not cover faults caused by improper use.
  3. The warranty is valid for 2 years starting from the date of tire purchase on the condition that the remaining tread depth meets the valid norms.
  4. Warranty does not cover:
    • Tire damage caused by accidents, improper use, storage or studding.
    • Damage that has occurred with the customer’s intentional or unintentional aid.
    • Tires used beyond the lifetime of the tread.
    • Tires that have been repaired and/or restored by the customer.
    • Damage caused by wrong wheel toe, unbalanced wheel, faulty brakes or shock absorbers, wrong tire pressure, overload or tire chains. This includes damage caused by using the tire on terrain, for racing or damage caused by fire, accidents or intentional damaging.
    • Damage caused by road conditions.
    • Tires with date of manufacture more than three years ago and remaining tread depth under 2 mm.
    • Even and uneven wear of tires.
  5. If the inspection performed by Tireman OÜ reveals a defect of material or manufacturing fault, the tire shall be repaired, replaced with a new one or compensated in money.
  6. The compensation amount shall be calculated according to the level of wear, i.e., the remaining tread depth is measured.
  7. The compensation amount shall be calculated in the following way: SALES PRICE FOR THE CUSTOMER × REMAINING TREAD DEPTH in mm / INITIAL TIRE DEPTH in mm.
  8. If it is decided to replace the tire returned by the customer with a new one, the tire shall be changed for free.
  9. If the customer does not agree with the inspection performed by Tireman OÜ, the tire shall be sent for additional inspection to the manufacturer’s factory upon the first possibility. The transport costs shall be incurred by the customer. If the manufacturer’s factory deems the tire faulty, the cost of transport and the tire shall be compensated to the customer.
  10. If a tire deemed faulty by Tireman OÜ had been studded, the studding shall be compensated on the condition that the studding on the returned tire meets the requirements of studding. Studding and studs are not covered by the warranty.
  11. The warranty’s precondition is that the customer must inform about the fault within 14 days of occurrence in writing.
  12. The following circumstances, if they should hinder the application of warranty, can be treated as reasons for refusing warranty cover: war, mobilization, revolution, terrorist act, fire, natural disaster, raw material crisis or other incessant obstacles.

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